Our Approach

Supported Living at St Luke’s…

Using a person-centred approach, trained staff provide emotional and practical support and encouragement to help you do the things that are important to you.

We know it is important that you:

  • can make choices about your own life (both daily choices and big decisions).
  • have the same rights as people who don’t have a learning disability
  • are treated like an adult
  • have the chance to take positive risks like everyone else (we would of course ensure a thorough risk assessment is completed to make sure we are not putting you in any unnecessary danger)
  • get the support to live the way you want to.

Support is always matched to your needs so if something happens and you need more or less help, we will change the amount of support you get to fit this.  This means our support service is tailored to you and what you need. (Please remember that we do have to think about everyone else that lives in the home with you and their needs so compromises will have to be made sometimes)

We will support you with any to all of the following:

  • accessing local community centres, colleges and employment opportunities (or other activities that interest you)
  • everyday jobs such as cooking, cleaning and laundry
  • keeping all health appointments up to date
  • respecting your tenancy agreement
  • keeping safe both at home and out in the community
  • looking after your money (budgeting and banking)
  • learning any other skills that are important to help you become more independent e.g. travel training

Horticultural Therapy

At present, St Luke’s Trust supports individuals of all ages of whom have varying degrees of learning disability.

Access to meaningful employment and occupation are limited for many people, not just those with learning disabilities, and it is our intention to bring together those people, irrespective of their abilities, who have an interest in working on the land and with natural materials.

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It has been shown in many formal studies that exposure to green spaces, plants, trees and the countryside has a beneficial effect on mental health. People in general use gardening/horticulture to relax or to stimulate their minds; this is the same for the tenants we support.

Our hope is to develop their skills on a bespoke level and to give them a sense of achievement. Our dedicated staff team will ensure each individual gets to partake in an acitivity that they enjoy.

Our long-term aim would be to ensure that our tenants are accepted within the wider community through positive interaction.

Please visit our News Feed for all progress relating to our gardens at St Luke’s.