Neal’s Story

When I arrived at St Luke’s Trust I was not very confident, and felt stressed and fed up. Since then, staff have helped me to become a lot happier and more healthy.

Neal lives at Lyndale with another male tenant. He is a lively, friendly and polite member of the group and will always enjoy socialising with the staff and tenants.

I go to a Mental Health Club every week, which I enjoy as it gives me time to socialise with others and to make friends. I can take part in music, arts and crafts and cooking sessions whilst there, and I always enjoy telling staff at St Luke’s about my day.

Neal likes to make use of the music room on site at St Luke’s, which has a variety of instruments. He is particularly fond of the guitar, which he will take on tenant holidays and play for the group. Neal has really come into his own over the years, and he has developed many talents, as well as built on hobbies he has had since he was young.

I have my own woodwork shop on the grounds at St Luke’s, and I am very capable of using all of my equipment. I make bird boxes, egg racks, garden furniture and indoor furniture. Staff have supported me with this, and allowed me to continue the tV__A53F - Copyhing I enjoy most. I am very skilled with my woodwork.”

Neal also likes to take part in the general maintenance of the grounds at St Luke’s Trust. He really enjoys using the sit on lawnmower around St Luke’s Trust, and can drive the diggers and dumpers to help with the garden work.

Neal likes to take part in some sporting activities such as football, cricket and golf. He always enjoys going out in the community, whether this is with staff and other tenants, or independently. He is very able to use his bus pass, and is aware of how to handle money and to ensure his own safety whilst out. Neal’s independence grows day by day, but he always appreciates the support that is offered to him.

The best thing about living here is that I can enjoy my hobbies, and the staff have given me space to be able to continue this. I have recently spoken to staff who have helped me to find space for a model railway at Lyndale. This will be my next project and I am looking forward to showing everyone the end result!


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