Poly tunnel Development

As the warmer weather arrives, it has given our residents the perfect opportunity to begin growing fruit, veg and herbs in our poly tunnel. So far the plots have grown so quickly and all residents have been getting involved with it so far, and these are just some of the produce they have been tending to:

WP_20160419_14_46_49_Pro Strawberries

WP_20160419_14_47_34_Pro Our selection of salad leaves
WP_20160419_14_47_08_Pro Spring onions, salad potatoes, asparagus and garlic
 WP_20160419_14_46_39_Pro Our Rhubarb
WP_20160419_14_47_14_Pro Brussels Sprouts
WP_20160419_14_46_24_Pro Our wheelchair friendly planting bed contains mixed salad leaves, Brussels sprouts and salad potatoes.
WP_20160419_14_46_32_Pro A selection of herbs such as Thyme, Sage, Curry Plant, Garlic, Rosemary, Mint and Oregano
WP_20160419_14_48_42_Pro These large empty beds have now been cleared ready for a large selection of Bee friendly British wildflowers which is something our residents have said they would like to see outside. We look forward to helping them develop this space soon!

We will be adding plenty more photographs to our website as we develop our garden area, so keep checking back for all progress made!

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