As Halloween has just been and gone, some of our tenants decided to get into the spirit of things and pick our pumpkin from our vegetable garden.

Stuart decided he would like to make a pumpkin soup out of it, and he also, as well as other tenants, wanted to carve it into a spooky face!

This is the process from picking it from the ground to lighting it up at night!


pic 1 First we had to pick the pumpkin from our garden- which had grown to quite a size!

pic 2 We then had to work out a way to cut it and carve it- this was the difficult part!

pic 3 Next we supported the tenants to decide upon the features of our pumpkin

pic 4  We made sure that it’s face was nice and scary!

photo 1  photo 2

And this was the finishing product. As you can see, Stuart seems happy with the results!

We hope everyone enjoyed the Halloween night as much as possible. Some of our tenants enjoyed a disco at night, whereas others liked to watch a scary movie!

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