Our Vegetable Plot!

With the Sun and the rain, we have made a lot of progress with our vegetable plots. These photos are taken a few months apart and show how quickly everything has been growing!

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We have recently been picking some of the produce, and as you can see, some of the vegetables grew to pretty impressive sizes! This is Brian holding one of our large courgettes that we have recently picked!

Take a look at some of the fantastic produce we have been picking and growing with our tenants!
Tomatoes  Rhubarb  Pumpkin Sweetcorn
Courgettes Cabbage
In addition to this, we have picked red and white onions, salad and new potatoes and runner beans. It has been a real success for our tenants who have helped throughout the entire process.

In the polytunnel we have started growing swede, broccoli beetroot and lettuce. The tenants have been enjoying the various activities that they can participate in, and we hope they enjoy all of the fresh produce!

Lettuce Broccoli
Beetroot Swede

We are still developing our polytunnel further, and we have been asking tenants if they would like to grow some more fruits in the polytunnel, and it was agreed that fruit would be another good option, as it is something everyone enjoys eating. We ahave also discussed the idea of raised beds, for those who are less mobile or are wheelchair users.This will be the next steps with our garden project, and we will keep our website updated throughout this exciting process!

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